What is CyberCoinVerse?
CyberCoinVerse is a 3D Metaverse online virtual universe free easy play to earn powered by NFT Gaming that combines multiple different spaces and allow player to meeting up together in 3D spaces make conversation by chatting and voice. It introduces an entirely new genre to the Web3 integrate with $CCV token smart contract, players are able to see their $CCV token balance in gameplay.
The colonization of virtual worlds has only just begun with many games and platforms providing entertainment, alternative lifestyles, creative marketing, augmented ads, and new sources of revenue. But the true potential of the metaverse is yet to develop and mature.
If we learned anything from the recent pandemic, it's that digitization is the crucial next step for humanity, and it still has a long way to go. Education, remote work, social interactions, virtual galleries and concerts, can all benefit from the development and mass adoption of metaverse technologies.
The 3D models have applications in art, fashion, medicine, engineering, product design, and more. VR and AR are already used to train professional pilots and walk engineers through the maintenance of ultra-complex systems.